11 Social Media Strategy Steps for a Successful Non-profit


  1. Create a Social Media Committee- think about who is involved in your organization… stakeholders, technology, creative, able to produce latest news, enthusiastic, etc.
  2. Plan. – define goals and objectives
  3. Become Organized
  4. Create Policies- plans for crisis, include staff, what should be shared or should not be shared online, etc
  5. Choose channels of communication you wish to travel by- where are your supporters?
  6. Listen- listen to your fanbase, their your biggest help
  7. Work Smarter- not harder
  8. Create Great Content- great content > long content
  9. Get Visual- new world, visual world!
  10. Measure and Improve- measure results of social media strategy, alter what is necessary
  11.  Celebrate Success- let people know when you reach milestones… They care!11

Meeting the founders of Cymry’s Christmas Wish

We met at a coffee shop a few weeks ago with the founders of Cymry’s Christmas Wish. We met Cymry, her older brother, and her brother’s partner. They were kind of thrilled that we even found their organization. We mentioned how we saw the website and instantly they laughed. “It’s pathetic, isn’t it?” they asked. We politely said that it could use a little work. As mentioned before, Cymry’s brother and his partner operate the non-profit mainly through the money Cymry raises as well as whatever they can afford to give up themselves. We learned more about the non-profit and about why they do it, their struggles, barriers, and their aspirations with the organization. Ultimately, they are doing if for Cymry. Cymry wanted to help people. She always has and always will. They are confused and frightened by social media. They expressed how they do not really see the point in using it when their organization is for the kids… One of the men stated, “Well, not many kids are on Facebook, you know?” They do not see the bigger picture that these kids have parents and the parents are the real target they should be aiming for. They were funny and interesting people with the most important part of their organization being Cymry and enabling her to help people. We asked them if they would ever expand out past the one or two elementary schools they visit every year. Their response was they would love to consider expanding out, if they had the money to do so. They are frightened of becoming too big now with not enough means to support it which is why we think utilizing their social media tactics could allow them to expand out and receive more funding and help from others


In writing, we all know that we have to brainstorm in order to produce adequate and creative writing. But what is brainstorming exactly? It is a technique used in order to find a conclusion to a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas. It is a discussion in which a free-flow list of words that are correlated to the topic are produced. Brainstorming basically works by focusing on a problem, then deliberately coming up with as many possible solutions as possible and pushing other ideas as far away as possible. Four basic principles of brainstorming is no criticism, welcome unusual ideas, the more you have the better, and to combine and improve the ideas you produce.

Happy Belated April Fools Day!


This week, just like every other year on April 1, we had “April Fool’s Day”. Yes it is all fun and games when we play jokes on our friends, family, and other loved ones. But what about on the corporate level? In an article I read on the Business Spectator, they discuss rather than list this year’s pranks, they decided to look back at some of the world’s greatest corporate April Fools’ Day set-ups. Click the link below for more information